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Mission and Goals

Code Compliance & Community Relations Division, Parking Compliance works in partnership with the citizens of Nampa and the Business Improvement District to promote quality of life in the City by effectively enforcing our parking laws and regulations in a fair and consistent manner. Our goal is to educate the public concerning the most common parking violations, maximize the capacity of the existing parking supply through increased turnover, encourage compliance of the City's parking regulations, and to provide sound parking enforcement for the health, safety, and economic vitality of the City.

Nampa's Downtown Historic District

Nampa’s downtown core, like many historic districts, has buildings that span from property line to property line with no dedicated parking. Parking in the downtown is provided on-street in the public right-of-way and in city-owned parking lots. Time limits are two (2) hours in the central core and four (4) hours in the surrounding areas. Please see the map below for more specific details about the parking zones. 

Downtown Map - rackcardprint

Downtown Monthly Leased Parking

Monthly-leased parking is available in our downtown for business owners, employees, and visitors. Monthly-leased parking gives frequent visitors or employees of downtown the opportunity to have unlimited parking privileges during the month, for a single affordable lease rate. The leased parking is available in our uncovered, public parking lots.

Parking Lots offer 12-month, 6-month and month-to-month terms. To sign up for leased parking, contact Nampa City Parking Services at (208) 468-5705.

Downtown Monthly Fee Parking - "Downtown Garage"

Take advantage of a discounted rate to park in the covered public parking garage by completing a monthly fee agreement. This agreement allows you to park in the garage at a discounted rate of $30.00 per month, instead of paying by the hour or paying a daily rate. This also gives frequent visitors, or employees of downtown the opportunity to have unlimited parking privileges during the month, for a single affordable monthly fee. However, no spaces are assigned, they are first come, first serve. 


Monthly Parking (Residential)

In addition, some residential neighborhoods within the City of Nampa have time-limited or residential permit parking. Please pay close attention to the signage around you as the signs will help delineate

The City of Nampa recognizes the importance of utilizing the on-street parking spaces for other needs, such as construction staging areas, special events, and/or outdoor dining due to the lack of off-street parking, and narrower sidewalks. That is why we have developed an ordinance and resolution that addresses these types of activities within our Downtown Historic District.

Outdoor Dining & Special Events -

 When an area of on-street parking is proposed to be used as an area for outdoor dining or to hold a special event, a temporary parking use permit for outdoor dining / special event is required. 

Construction Activity -

 When an area of on-street parking is being used as a staging or delivery area, or being used for the placement of dumpsters or equipment during construction, a temporary parking use permit for construction is required. 


There are a variety of ways to pay a parking ticket:

  • Drop off or mail to Code Compliance and Community Relations at 401  3rd Street South, Nampa, ID 83651.
  • Drop off in the utility billing drop box, located outside the utility billing office (to the west of the building, closer to the street but inside the parking lot).
  • Pay over the phone by calling the City of Nampa's Code Compliance and Community Relations office at (208) 468-5473.
  • We do not have an online payment system at this time.