2019 Election Documents

Pursuant to Section 67-6603(c1), Idaho Code. No contribution shall be received or expenditure made by or on behalf of a candidate or political committee until he or she appoints a political treasurer and certifies the name and address of the treasurer.

Candidates can declare a Political Treasurer by completing and submitting form C-1 linked below to the Nampa City Clerks Office.

Candidates can declare their candidacy by completing and submitting the "Declaration of Candidacy" form to the Nampa City Clerks Office.  

Candidates are encouraged to review the "Campaign Finance Manual" linked below for the complete reporting requirements.

2019 Campaign Finance Reporting Manual
C-1 Appointment and Certification of Political Treasurer
C-2 pg1 Campaign Financial Disclosure Report
C-2 pg2 Campaign Financial Disclosure Report - Detailed Summary
C-2 pg3 Schedule A Itemized Contributions
C-2 pg4 Schedule B Itemized Expenditures
C-2 pg5 Schedule C In Kind Contributions Expenditures
C-2 pg6 Schedule D Loans
C-2 pg7 Schedule E Credit Cards and Debt
C-2 pg8 Schedule E-1 Credit Card Debt Itemization
C-2 pg9 Schedule F Pledged Contributions
C-4 Independent Expenditures
C-5 48 Hour Notice of Contributions or Loans
C-6 Statement by a Nonbusiness Entity
C-7 Independent Expenditures 48 Hour Notice
C-8 Report of Electioneering Communication
Declaration of Candidacy
Petition of Nomination

Campaign Finance Disclosure Report Deadlines

Type of Report
Period Report Covers
Date Report is Due
October 10 Pre-General
Date of Certification of Treas.- Sept. 30, 2019
7-Day Pre-General
10/1/19 – 10/20/19
48-Hour Notice
10/21/19 - 11/2/19Within 48 hours after receipt of $1,000 or more
30-Day Post-General
10/21/19 – 11/15/19
Annual (2019)

2019 Election Candidate Information

 Past Election Information
  1. 2017
  2. 2015
  3. 2013
Council Seat #1
Victor Rodriguez (Elected)
Brian Raybon
Amber Queen
Kenny Wroten

Council Seat #3
Rick Hogaboam (Elected)
Jeff Kirkman
Kyle Keller (Withdrew)

Council Seat #5
Randy Haverfield* (Elected)
Arturo Gonzalez
Alan Jones

Bob Henry*
Debbie Kling (Elected)
Melissa Robinson

Political Committees
Nampa Firefighters PAC