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  1. Report a Spill
    Dumping gasoline, chemicals, paint or oil into the street or gutters is very harmful to Nampa’s waterways and the health of our community. It is also against the law.
  2. If you see illegal dumping, please submit a report to the City of Nampa. To ensure a timely response, be as specific as possible in your report.
  3. If you can see the spilled material is traveling into the system, use old towels, rags or other absorbent material to stop it and call and/ or email Nampa’s Stormwater Division.
  4. Evan Jenkins
    Environmental Compliance Division Superintendent
  5. What is Illegal Dumping
    Illegal dumping is the improper disposal of waste at any location other than a permitted facility of landfill. Illegal dumping includes but not limited to:
  6. Motor Oil/Gasoline - Antifreeze/Solvents - Fertilizer/Pesticides - Paint/Drywall - Concrete - Excessive sediment/gravel - Discharges from commercial processes -
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