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Traffic Complaint Form

  1. Please read the following information prior to filling out this form.
    NOTE: All form information is submitted securely over an encrypted connection. If you choose to send a copy of the submitted information to yourself when submitting this form, please remember that e-mail is insecure and your private information could be intercepted by unauthorized recipients. By selecting the option to send a copy of this form to your email, you agree to accept all responsibility and liability if that information is compromised.
  2. Traffic Complaint Form
    This form is for reporting ongoing traffic problems, such as continuous speeding through neighborhoods or school bus violations.
  3. This form is NOT to be used for in progress traffic violations.
    For in progress traffic violations, contact Nampa Police Dispatch at 465-2257, or if it is an emergency, call 911.
  4. Your information
    Your contact information is not mandatory, however, it can be useful if further information is needed to resolve the traffic compliant.
  5. Where is the traffic issue occuring?
    You can list addresses, intersections, neighborhoods, streets...or other information regarding the location were traffic issues are occurring.
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