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Property Request Form

  1. Please read the following information prior to filling out this form.
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  2. Evidence / Property Request Form
    This form is to request items from the Nampa Police Department's Evidence and Property Division.
    When all necessary research and paperwork has been completed the Evidence Division will contact you regarding your property.
  3. Appointments and Photo ID
    **Appointments are required prior to picking up property.

    Please note government issued photo ID is required prior to the release of any property. Such as a driver's license, passport...etc.
  4. For additional information or questions please call:
  5. Nampa Police Case numbers start with the letter "N"
    For example: N20-00000 if you do not have this number please call the Evidence / Property Division at 208-468-5657.
  6. Other Parties Involved
  7. If more parties are involved, include name here
  8. Please note that if you are requesting a firearm back you must call the Evidence and Property Division at 208-468-5657 to provide them with that information.
  9. Please note the release of property is dependent on several factors, including but not limited to:
    The type of property, the type of case, the status of the case...etc. Also, proof of purchase may be required in some instances.
  10. Please include serial numbers if applicable, they may help expedite your request in some instances.
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