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Lost Property Form

  1. Lost Property Form
  2. This form is intended to collect information regarding lost property, so the Nampa Police Department can attempt to return recovered lost property to the rightful owner. Some examples of items this form can be used for are: lost wallets, purses, ID cards, cell phones, credit cards, keys, etc...
    ***Please do not use this form if you believe your item (s) were taken as part of a crime or were stolen. If you do believe your missing item(s) could be related to a crime please call Non- Emergency Dispatch at 465-2257, or use the crime report form.
  4. Please provide as much detail as possible about the lost item, such as; approximate date/time it was lost, the location you think you may have lost the item - and a detailed description of the item - such as color, brand name, model, serial number...etc...
  5. Cell Phone, Purse, Wallet etc
  6. If available
  7. Narrative information about the item and the incident when it was lost
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