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Sign Up For Public Hearing (Planning & Zoning) - January 25, 2022

  1. Date of Public Hearing - January 25, 2022
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    1. Zoning Map Amendment from RA (Suburban Residential) to RS6 (Single-Family Residential 6,000 sf) zoning districts, potential development agreement; and Subdivision Plat Short for Sharon Subdivision at a parcel east of 502 Sunny Ln (Parcel #R0961401000); located on a .83 acre portion of the SW ¼ of Section 21, T3N, R2W, BM) for TV Group LLC (ZMA 157-21 & SPS 040-21).   Original Concept: 4 single family lots with a gross & net density of 4.82.

    2. Annexation and Zoning of 126.27 acres south of Amity Rd and west of Happy Valley Rd to RS6 (Single-Family Residential 6,000 sf. - 64.33 acres), RMH (Residential Multiple Family - 15.86 acres), BC (Community Business - 5.24 acres), & IL (Light Industrial 40.84 acres) zoning districts, and potential development agreement, for Chisum Estates Subdivision at 0, 0, 0, 3915, & 3611 Amity Ave, and 0, 0, & 0 E Railroad St. (parcel #s R3238900000, R221600000, R323900000, R3239100000, R3239501200, R32394010F0, R32392011A0, R3238901000); and Planned Unit Development for the proposed RS6 zoned properties, and Subdivision Preliminary Plat for Chisum Estates Subdivision for the above referenced properties excluding parcels R32392011A0, R32394010F0, & R3239501200; (all located in the N 1/2 of Section 36, T3N, R2W, BM, City of Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, for Triple Crown Investments LLC / Lance Thueson representing Thornton-Gallup LLC (ANN 220-21, PUD-008-21, & SPP 095-21).   Original Concept: 191 single-family lots; 1 multi-family lot for 186 units, 2 commercial lots, 11 industrial lots, 35 common lots, and 24.26 acres of right-of-way, for a RS6 gross density of 2.97 and a 6.98 net density; a RMH gross density of 11.73 and a net of 30.74; with 19.7% in open space.

    3. Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment modifying the Agricultural land use setting to “Very Low Density Residential” and changing designations on multiple areas throughout the impact area; Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment to Chapter 5, including: a) Removal of grammatical errors, b) Further clarification on Nampa’s four quadrants, c) Additional information on Canyon County’s role in preserving agricultural land, d) The addition of Qualified Open Space language, e) A revised definition of Gross and Net Density, f) Revised language on the allowance of commercial development in Medium and High-Density Residential land uses, g) The addition of a pre-annexation policy for subdivision development in the Area of City Impact on County parcels and proposed expansion of the city’s Area of Impact boundaries, h) The Agricultural land use setting changed to Very Low Density Residential, i) The addition of language to address development within ½ mile from Agricultural and Low/Very Low-Density areas, j) The addition of a new strategy under Objective 2. “STRATEGY 3: Locate ‘Receiving Areas’ for the County’s TDR program and identify the additional incentives for developers;” for the City of Nampa; (CTA-00011-2022 and CMA-00052-2022).

    4. Conditional Use Permit for an ambiguous land use to allow storage of empty recycling containers behind a screened fence, and a caretaker residence and shed in the IP (Industrial Park) zoning district at 1517 Madison Ave; a .48 acre parcel #R31278010A0, located in the NW 1/4 of Section 15, T3N, R2W, BM) for Dennis Harmon representing Sheli Sandlin (CUP 249-21).

    5. Conditional Use Permit for Multiple-Family Residential in a BC (Community Business) zoning district at 0 Caldwell Blvd - Parcel #R244200000; (located in the NE 1/4 of Section 7, T3N, R2W, BM) for EV Studio C/O Julie Miller representing River Range Idaho, LLC C/O Britt Viole (CUP 248-21).

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