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Sign Up For Public Hearing (City Council) - February 6, 2023

  1. Date of Public Hearing - February 6, 2023
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    1. Annexation and Zoning to BC (Community Business) zoning district for 4.69 acres addressed as 2522 & 2508 N Middleton Rd (Parcel #R244560040 & #R2445600600 located in the SW 1/4 of Section 8, T3N, R2W, BM), Conditional Use Permit for a Multiple Family Development in a BC (Community Business) Zoning District on 12.48 acres addressed as 2440 & 0 Karcher Rd, 2522 & 2508 N Middleton Rd (Parcel #R2445600700, #R24456007B1, #R244560040 & #R2445600600 located in the SW 1/4 of Section 8, T3N, R2W, BM), and potential development agreement for the Northwest Village development for Randy Haverfield, representing TV Holdings, LLC & Zion Ventures, LLC (ANN-00253-2022 & CUP-00295-2022). Original Concept: Mixed Use Development with 1 commercial building and 264 dwelling units in 11 apartment buildings.

     2. Expansion of the City’s Area of Impact to the west, bound approximately by Lake Ave, Lone Star Rd, Indiana Ave, Roosevelt Ave, and Lake Lowell Ave, including portions to the southwest bound approximately by Greenhurst Rd, Midland Blvd, and Lake Lowell; Adoption of the State Highway 16 Specific Area Plan; Adoption of the Highway 20/26 Specific Area Plan; Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment modifying the Agricultural land use setting to “Very Low Density Residential”, modifying designations to reflect the State Highway 16 Specific Area Plan and the Highway 20/26 Specific Area Plan, and modifying designations in multiple areas throughout the impact area; and Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment to Chapter 5 including: a) Removal of grammatical errors, b) Cleanup of syntax to provide clarity, c) Further clarification on Nampa’s four quadrants, d) Additional information on Canyon County’s role in preserving agricultural land, d) The addition of Common and Qualified Open Space language, f) A revised definition of Density, g) Revised language on the allowance of commercial development in Medium and High-Density Residential land uses, h) The addition of a pre-annexation policy for subdivision development in the Area of City Impact on County parcels and proposed expansion of the City’s Area of Impact boundaries, i) Additional residential mixed use definition including borrowed land uses, j) The addition of a ratio of land uses in the mixed use settings, k) The Agricultural land use setting changed to Very Low Density Residential, l) The addition of language to address development within ¼ mile from Agricultural and Low/Very Low-Density areas, m) The addition of a definition of Intelligent Communities, n) Updates to the Education, Public Administration, Health Care and Other Institutions Designation, o) addition of language to encourage the protection of City trees; Chapter 6 update including additional corridors for planning purposes; and Chapter 15 updating the specific Plan areas and the addition of mid-level planning for the City of Nampa (CTA-00013-2022 and CMA-00054-2022).

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