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Nampa Pre-Application (Property Inquiry) Meeting Request Form

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  2. Nampa Pre-Application (Property Inquiry) Meeting Request Form
  3. Pre-application meetings are required prior to submittal of any application that requires a public hearing.
  4. Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
  5. By submitting this form you agree to following DECLARATION:
    Proponents of the above mentioned project understand that the pre-application session attended on this date is intended to provide general guidance to the project applicants and/or their representatives. This session in no way represents project approval, nor shall it be considered permission to proceed with any project until said project has completed the plan review and permitting processes required by Nampa City Code. All comments, observations and disclosures made at the pre-application session are subject to change once the entitlement applications or building permits have been received and the official plan review of the proposed project has begun.
  6. Applicant/Owner/Representative Attendee Contact Info:
  7. Please upload a file containing the drawings/plans/maps associated with the project. If plans are too large, please email them to the Planner that schedules the meeting for you.
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