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Commercial Site For Sale and/or Lease

  1. City of Nampa Commercial Property Submission Form
    Please fill out the information listed below to submit commercial properties for the Economic Development Office to have on file.
  2. If the site does not have a physical address, please fill in the parcel numbers below
  3. If there is more than one site, please list all parcel numbers
  4. Property For Sale or Lease?
  5. Rail Frontage?*
  6. Is property in city limits?*
  7. Electricity Available?*
  8. Does electric need to be extended to property?
  9. Natural Gas Available?*
  10. Does gas need to be extended to property?
  11. City Water Available?*
  12. Does water need to be extended to property?*
  13. City Sewer Available?*
  14. Does sewer need to be extended to property?*
  15. City Irrigation Available?*
  16. Does irrigation need to be extended to property?*
  17. Wells on Property?*
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