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City of Nampa Event Application (Public Property & Streets)

    Please complete the following application for events that will occur on public property, public parking lots, and/or public streets. One application may be used by an organization, for an event recurring multiple times within a calendar year for the same location. i.e., A farmer's market that will occur every Saturday throughout the months of May through September.
  4. Please specify the date(s) of the event. One application may be used by an organization, for an event recurring multiple times within a calendar year for the same location. i.e., A farmer's market that will occur every Saturday throughout the months of May through September.
  5. Type of Permit & Associated Fee:
    Please indicate the number of times the event will occur throughout the calendar year by checking one below:
  6. Recurrence of Event:
    If the event will occur more than one (1) time, please indicate below the frequency of the event. Check all boxes that apply. For example: If an event will occur every week on Saturdays, please check the box labeled "weekly", and check the box labeled "Saturdays".
  7. Type of Event:*
    Please select the type of event below:
  8. NOTE:
    Lloyd's Square requires an additional rental permit & fee of $150.00 half day (9-3 or 4-dark), or $300.00 for a full day (9-dark). This fee is for opening, closing and cleaning of restrooms on-site *1/2 price discounts are applicable for non-profits. Please contact Nampa Parks & Recreation for more information on reserving this space at 208-468-5858. To view information about facility reservations, visit
  9. Please provide the full name of the street(s).
  10. Will Streets Be Closed/Blocked Off?
  11. Please provide the street name(s) that will be closed or blocked off to traffic. Include any intersections that may apply.
  14. Emergency Access:
    All Alleys will be maintained for emergency access and will not be blocked off. No intersections will be blocked off or closed without prior approval from the City of Nampa.
  15. Compliance with City Codes
    Compliance with City Codes: Applicant agrees to comply with City of Nampa codes and ordinances related to the uses described above.
  16. Restroom Facilities
    Restroom Facilities: Restroom facilities are not provided for by the City of Nampa, with the exception of Lloyd’s Square.
  17. Trash and Clean-Up
    Trash and Clean-Up: The applicant agrees to provide its own trash bins for each event and agrees to provide for trash removal the same day. The applicant shall not to rely upon the public trash cans or any private business dumpsters for their trash removal. The applicant agrees to keep the area clear of debris and litter, and clean the surface area as needed after its event and leave the area as they found it.
  18. Conflicts in Event Scheduling
    Conflicts in Event Scheduling: Applicant acknowledges that the City of Nampa has the right to schedule events in adjacent areas that may impact the use of the Subject Property.
  19. Damage to Property
    Damage to Property: The applicant agrees to replace or repair any damaged bricks, trees, street furniture, electrical service or other personal property of the City of Nampa, whether damaged by the applicant and/or its customers.
  20. Ownership
    Ownership: The applicant acknowledges that they are not the owner of the Subject and waives any claim to “ownership” of said Subject Property whether in fee, adverse possession or any other right, title, or interest therein, other than established pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
  21. Indemnification of Partners
    Indemnification of Partners: The applicant and any vendor or customer association with the event agrees at all times to forever release, discharge, and indemnify the above-mentioned Partners and their successors and assigns, against any and all claims, suits, actions, debts, damages, costs, charges and expenses, including court costs and attorney fees, and against all liability, loss and damage of any nature whatsoever that the applicant shall or may at any time sustain or be put to because of the use of the Subject Property by the applicant.
  22. Certificate of Liability Insurance
    Certificate of Liability Insurance: The applicant agrees to furnish the City of Nampa with a certificate of liability insurance for the time and location mentioned above in the amount of $1,000,000, which shall name the City of Nampa as an additional insured prior to the day of the event.
    Separate permits & fees are required for police & traffic control when streets are to be blocked off and the City determines traffic control is necessary, or when the event is determined to be large enough to require police traffic control. Separate permits and fees are also required for events where alcohol will be present. For more information on beer, wine & liquor licenses, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 208-468-5415. For more information on traffic control, please contact Sgt. Matt Pavelek at 208-468-5608 or Cpl. Tonna Marek at 208-468-5575.
    I as the undersigned, understand that I am responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and approvals that may be in addition to this permit, that I must comply with all conditions of this permit, that any changes to any part of the operation described in this application will require applying for and receiving approval of a revised permit, and that all concessionaires, vendors and/or individuals are responsible for contacting and obtaining any and all required permits and approvals from Southwest District Health.
  25. Electronic Signature
    By checking the box and entering your information below, you hereby declare, under penalties of perjury, that you are authorized to submit the information in this form and to the best of your knowledge, it is true, correct and complete.
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