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Code Compliance Complaint Form

  1. Complainant Information
    Please fill out your contact information in case the officer needs further information. This information remains COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS unless a case goes to court trial and the defendant requests the information through an attorney.
  2. Please fill in the complete address. If the address is unknown, please give a specific description of the property location, i.e., "the empty lot to the right of 111 W. Nampa Rd."
  3. Disclaimer
    We will make every effort to get an officer out to inspect your concern in a timely manner. Complaints are prioritized based on the level of concern. Life safety, fire hazards, health hazards, dangerous buildings are the top priority and will be done first. Code Compliance is required by law to follow a due process procedure. In doing so, the officer must witness the violation and then send out proper notification. It is not uncommon for some violations to take weeks or months to reach compliance based on the individual situation. It is the goal of our department to help people to achieve voluntary compliance and enforcement through civil or criminal charges is used as a last resort.
  4. Checking Status
    If you would like to check status of your violation, you may call our main line at (208) 468-5473.
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