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Sign Up For Public Hearing (City Council) - December 7th, 2020

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    December 7th, 2020

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  3. Public Hearings

    Item (1) De-annexation from RA (Suburban Residential) to County zoning to be determined by Canyon County for 18040, 18090, and 18138 Celestia Dr (County parcel #’s R3436610000, R3436610100, & R3436610200) a total of 5.66 acres portion of Lots 1, 2, and 3 of Block 1, Birch Creek Estates Subdivision, located in the SE ¼ of Section 34, T4N, R2W, BM, Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho) for Justin Koff, David Snow, Brian Niblett, and Christy Niblett (DANX 013-20).

    Item (2) Zoning Map Amendment from BC (Community Business) to RS6 (Single Family Residential 6,000 sq. ft.) and Modification of Development Agreement Ordinance #3561 rescinding the conditions for a commercial building to match nearby architectural facades, building orientation, limiting impact of commercial lighting and fencing to the neighborhood, specifying commercial signage, landscaping, etc. for a commercial building at 904 7th Ave N (a .58 acre portion of land in the Sylvan Heights Subdivision in the NE 1/4 of Section 22, Township 3 North, Range 2 West, Boise Meridian, Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho) for James K. Hagen representing Zechariah P. Dean (ZMA 125-20, DAMO 038-20).

    Item (3) Annexation and Zoning to RS8.5 (Single-Family Residential 8,500 sf lot) at 3919 E. Locust Lane – Parcel# R29530113 (A 3.06-acre portion of the SW ¼ of the NE ¼ Section 4, T2N, R2W, BM; also known as Lot 2, Block 1 of Happy Trails Subdivision) – in order to split the property into two single family residential lots (one of which has an existing home) for Rocky Mountain Roofing/Zach Puffe (ANN 182-20).

    Item (4) Annexation and Zoning to RMH (High Density Multi-Family Residential) at 600 N. 44th Street – Parcel#R3171401000 (A .98-acre portion of the NE ¼ Section 24, T3N, R2W, B – for an existing single-family home to connect to city water service, for Elizabeth J. Dreyer (ANN 180-20).

    Item (5) Annexation and Zoning to RD (Two-Family/Duplex Residential) zoning district at 216 N. Middleton Rd – Parcel#R1602200000 (A 2.59-acre portion of the NW ¼ Section 20, T3N, R2W, B) for an existing single-family home and barn to connect to city water service, for Cecilia Shields (ANN 181-20).

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