My neighbor’s dogs are barking and it is driving me crazy.

When you have located the address of the barking dogs, contact Nampa Animal Control and we can go out and talk to the dog owner to suggest ways to fix the problem. If it is an ongoing issue, the following is required in order for someone to sign a citation for nuisance noise (Nampa code 6-2-24):

  • Start a barking dog log to record the date and times that the dogs are barking; 
  • Record the barking from your own property showing the offending dog(s) barking without any other dogs barking in the area throughout the video;
  • Be able to describe what the offending dog(s) look like; and
  • Show proof or be able to articulate how many times you have attempted to address the barking issue with your neighbor, i.e. phone calls, emails, letters, etc.
Be sure to leave your contact information so that Animal Control can contact you, if anything behind a warning is desired.

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