NAMPA Proud Branding

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Branding Guidelines

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Small icons for email use only.

How Nampa Proud Became Our Branding Icon

The need for a Nampa community brand was identified a couple of years ago by the Nampa Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee as a way to draw more visitors and ultimately businesses to Nampa.

After obtaining a grant from the Idaho Travel Council via the Idaho Department of Tourism, and specialized help from Red Sky PR and Peppershock Media in Nampa, dozens of people helped determine and narrow down the message we wanted to send to potential visitors. But we also realized that the message must resonate with our own community.

Then we remembered when Mother Earth Brew Co. put NAMPA Proud on their T-Shirts last year at its beer tasting event. If a company from California chose “Nampa Proud” to promote news that it was going to open a plant in Nampa, shouldn’t we consider it, too?

Owner Dan Love of Mother Earth happily gave us the green light.

With more huddles, brainstorming and collaboration, we took four possible branding messages, including Nampa Proud, to the people in a communitywide survey.

The respondents chose NAMPA Proud!

A smaller team developed the final product, and we’re sharing that today with a simple request: Please use this icon in your own promotions. Hashtag it in Social Media. Include it on your letterhead, email signature line and banners. Tell the community how proud you are of Nampa. Don’t just say it once. Tell them time and time again.

We are NAMPA Proud!

We’ve produced a user’s guide and created the logos in assorted colors and formats so you can easily incorporate the NAMPA Proud icon in your messages.