Arts & Historic Preservation Commission


The Arts and Historic Preservation Commission (AHPC) consists of seven members who demonstrate a commitment to preserve and advance the city's unique history and cultural character and to advance the arts in the community. A minimum of two (2) commissioners shall have professional training or experience in the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, urban planning, archaeology, engineering, law, or other historic preservation related disciplines, as set forth in the Secretary of the Interior's Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standards.

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from 4:00-5:00 pm in City Hall Council Chambers at 411 3rd Street South. To view Commission agendas, minutes or staff reports, please visit the Agenda Center.  

  1. Catherine Keys

    Administrative Specialist II

  1. Amber Bothwell


Arts & Historic Preservation Commissioners

Commissioners Term Expiring
Ron Wormser, Chair 3/31/2025
Douglas Waterman, Vice Chair 3/31/2028
Daren Coon 3/31/2024
Janice Kammler 3/31/2024
Anne Skoog 3/31/2028
Randy Haverfield 3/31/2025
Caryn Herman 3/31/2025

Arts & Historic Preservation Commission duties/activities (list is not all-inclusive):

  • Initiates and acts upon applications to designate structures and sites as having historic, cultural or aesthetic value worthy of protection, enhancement or perpetuation.
  • Acts as curator of Nampa; solicits and maintains appropriate historic and art objects for the City.
  • Publishes a Walking Tour Guide of Historic Nampa.
  • Surveys and writes a description of historic sites.
  • Presents a Historic Preservation Award in recognition of individual or group excellence in preserving Nampa historic properties.
  • Designs monuments and markers.
  • Works with the City to help coordinate and oversee the Historic Façade Program.
  • Oversees public and private projects as they apply to the Historic Downtown core and individual historic buildings and places throughout Nampa.
  • Represents the city's interest in historic preservation matters; and reviews requests for historic preservation projects.
  • Accepts donations to the Arts & Historic Preservation Fund to enhance the City's artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Creates venues to help showcase talents of local artists of all ages.
  • Work in cooperation with the Nampa Civic Center in supporting, creating, and presenting public art, performing art, and visual art.
  • Encourages and sponsors art programs and events which are self-supporting in nature and coordinates joint events with the council, commissions and other organizations.
  • Further work to develop Nampa as a cultural community to enhance the quality of life for residents and to utilize the cultural arts as an economic development catalyst for the community.
  • Represents the city's interest in art matters; and reviews requests for works of art and/or murals.
  • Assists in the coordination of the Nampa Festival of the Arts.
  • Searches for sources of private, local, state and federal funds and grants available to promote the arts in the city.
  • Accepts donations to the Arts & Historic Preservation Fund to enhance the City's artistic and cultural heritage.