What People Are Saying About Nampa

Phil Harrop
“My family moved from Columbus, Ohio. One of the best things Nampa has to offer is the cost of living and employment. Another thing that is important besides the employment opportunities, which is a great one, is the lifestyle. The pace of life….people were extremely warm and welcoming...salt-of-the-earth people. The other things that attracted us was the opportunity to get outside, there are so many things offered in this area. We have a lot of talent close by, colleges and universities. I honestly can’t think of any downsides to my family’s experiences in moving to Nampa”
J. Phil Harrop, PHD, FACHE, Saint Alphonsus Health System


“I started my group in 2003 with 4 students and by the grace of God I know have 51 students and will have completed 12 years in business as of March 2015. I love the location that we’re in in downtown Nampa. I have been connected to a lot of like-minded people who want to see my business thrive and flourish”
Monique N. Michel Duarte, Ballet Foklorico Mexico Lindo

“We chose Nampa for our first western US location because of its proximity to suppliers, distribution network, and the size of the building we needed. What we found when we came to Nampa was a progressive local government that was excited to assist in the growth of our business. Nampa has a great welcoming business climate that has exceeded our expectations"
Boris Salome, Plant Manager

"As we grow the GoGo squeeze brand in North America, I am delighted that we have found a home in Nampa, Idaho, where our vision can continue to be realized and we can expand our wholesome snack offerings throughout the U.S"
Michel Larroche, CEO Materne/GoGo squeeze

“The City of Nampa has a strong commitment to innovation and economic development. College of Western Idaho is pleased to be a part of the city's pledge to generate a skilled workforce and deliver continuing education critical for sustainability and growth of employment opportunities in the area. With the addition of a state-of-the-industry technical center to our Nampa Campus, we are confident that CWI's partnership with the city will continue to enhance the quality of life already available to Nampa businesses and its residents"
Dr. Berton Glandon, CWI President

Flying M

"Flying M Coffee was founded in downtown Boise and loved the vital mix of independent businesses that only downtowns can create. We felt that Nampa was poised for its own urban renewal and were encouraged by the steps the city had taken to assist private businesses to consider the historic core. Since opening in 2006, our coffee garage has become a community gathering place thanks to the support of the great Nampa customers"
Kevin and Lisa Myers, Owners, Flying M Coffeegarage

Library Square"Having worked with multiple redevelopment agencies across the North West, Gardner Company has never worked with an agency as professional and impressive as the Nampa Development Corporation"
~ Tommy Ahlquist, COO Gardner Company

World of Nutrition
"We are looking forward to being a part of the downtown community. A walkable downtown. A healthy downtown. If you haven't been to downtown Nampa lately, we encourage you to not only visit our store, but make a day out of it. Have coffee or juice, shop, meet a friend for lunch or sit outside and unwind after a long day. Downtown Nampa is making its move to greatness and we are so excited to be part of the revitalization"
Kris & Allison Wear, Owners, World of Nutrition

Rocky MountainMother Earth Brewery
“Our company has completed a lot of projects in different towns and states around the West and we appreciate the very proactive approach the City took to help Mother Earth Brew Co. expand into Nampa”
~ Mike Fery, CEO/Chairman, Rocky Mountain Companies

Chris Hermon
"Why Nampa? Why not Boise? Oregon was one of first choices. There's an RV sector up there and a lot of workforce, but after a couple trips, it just didn't seem to fit. But once we got here our eyes kind of lit up. Your people were generous and gracious and that's always a good feeling when your going somewhere" ~ Chris Hermon, President of Heartland Recreational Vehicles