Workforce Pipeline

The City of Nampa is involved in several initiatives to ensure that our existing businesses can find the qualified employees they are seeking. We recognize what needs to be done in order to solve the "skills gap". That is why we partner with our school districts, colleges and universities, technical schools and businesses to meet the needs for the types of career technical training provided at the high school level, along with the types of training needed to gain skills or update skills for the workforce.

High School Career Technical Education Programs

The Nampa School District offers Career-Technical Education at the high school level. Nampa School District students currently have access to:

Twenty-eight (28) occupational specialty pathways are provided by Nampa School District's Career and Technical Education program. All of the Nampa School District’s CTE programs are physically embedded in each of the high schools. Programs are directly related to the preparation of high school students for employment in current or emerging occupations that require other than a baccalaureate or advanced degree. These programs are closely aligned with postsecondary education programs and are closely linked to current industry standards to ensure relevance and quality.

College-Level Workforce Development

 CWIThe College of Western Idaho (CWI) has a workforce development program that offers you the opportunity to quickly gain the skills to obtain employment and apprenticeship training, retrain for new opportunities, and advance your career. 

CWI also offers customized training programs. When it comes to training solutions, they recognize that one size definitely does not fit all. CWI partners with your business to design custom training programs that fill skill gaps or create new skill sets in your workforce. Whether you are seeking a one-time skills development course, or desire ongoing training, they are able to respond quickly to your needs. Training is offered at your site or on campus.