Food Processing & Agribusiness


When you think of Idaho, you envision potatoes, right?

I mean, Idaho has always been known for their "famous potatoes", after all J.R. Simplot did start his company right here in Idaho in 1929 as a one-man farming operation and invented the first commercial french fry! But, Idaho is so much more than just potatoes.

Farming has been a huge piece of Idaho's history for over a century. Even J.R. Simplot recognized the opportunity that Idaho offered for food processing and agribusiness. They invested significant resources in order to expand their company into the successful powerhouse it is today, producing products such as; flame roasted fruits and vegetables, hearty grains, sweet potato fries, avocados and more.

Agriculture in Idaho THRIVES...

Historically our economy was based in agriculture growing more than 50 different types of crops. This base gave rise to a strong food processing sector, and Nampa, Idaho is home to many of those thriving companies.

We are home to

one of the largest mozzarella production facilities in the world

and have recruited some amazing companies, such as; Go Go Squeez and Mother Earth Brew Co.

Agriculture is one of the single biggest contributors to Idaho's economic base. The Boise Valley, which includes Nampa, Idaho, produces numerous varieties of crops and seeds, dairy products, cattle and livestock, fruits, beer, and even "Award-Winning" wines. In fact, a large majority of the wineries are located right here in Canyon County.

Why else do food processing and agribusinesses grow and thrive here?

Because we provide a multitude of sunny, warm days, sprinkled with an abundant irrigation system and a friendly pro-business attitude that leaves a smile on your face. And if that doesn't, the low cost of power sure will!

Idaho has the Lowest Commercial Power Rates in the Country, and over the last seven years, Idaho Power's industrial rates have been 40% less than the national average.

Food Processing and Agribusiness Companies in Nampa

Below are just some of the great companies that have chosen Nampa as home!

SorrentoGreat AmericanmaterneAmalgamatedHBAutomated Dairy Systems
Admiral BeverageMother Earth

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Idaho's State & Local Food & Agribusiness Quick Facts

#1 producer of potatoes in the U.S. market
#1 producer of food-size trout in the U.S. market
#1 in the production of peas and barley in the U.S. market
#2 producer of sugarbeets, mint, plums and prunes in the U.S. market
#3 for production of cheese, milk, hay and hops in the U.S. market
#4 producer of onions and lentils

Food and Agribusiness Resources

Idaho Department of Agriculture
TechHelp – A federal/state/private sector partnership involving the University of Idaho, Boise State University and Idaho State University provides many resources and solutions for food manufacturers, processors and inventors. An independent survey in 2007 found that TechHelp had a $65 million positive impact in Idaho’s economy through increased sales, creation of new jobs and plant modernization and efficiency.
ExporTech – A public and technical assistance resource for companies that seek to boost product sales by venturing into the international arena.
The University of Idaho Food Technology Center – Serves as a Research & Development center for food-related entrepreneurs. It’s based in Caldwell, located next to the University of Idaho Business and Technology Incubator. Small startups can rent space and test products before rolling them out in the marketplace. The center is the food processing equivalent to the Boise Water Cooler for high-tech startups.
Idaho Department of Labor Workforce Development Training Programs. New businesses that locate in Idaho can apply for grant funding to receive $2,000 per new employee for specific job training, and up to $3,000 per new employee in rural areas. Click here for an electronic brochure that provides more details about the grant program.
Center for Workforce Training at Boise State University – The Center, which operates out of the Selland College of Applied Technology at BSU, can put together custom training programs for businesses. The staff can travel to business locations to train your workforce.
Idaho Small Business Development Center – Offers a wealth of free or low-cost information to help educate and support small business owners, inventors, and entrepreneurs.
Idaho Milk Processors Association – Works to advance the cause of the Idaho dairy industry.
Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry – Idaho’s largest lobbying group for business and industry and the “voice of business in Idaho.”
United Dairymen of Idaho – Trade association that works to increase the demand for U.S.-produced dairy products on behalf of Idaho’s farm families.
Idaho Potato Commission – Trade association that works to promote the sales of Idaho-grown potatoes worldwide.
Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee – Works to promote the nationwide sale of onions grown in Idaho and Eastern Oregon, the largest onion-growing region in America.