Tax Overview

6% Sales and Use Tax

Idaho does not tax services including telecommunication services, and utilities such as water, gas, electricity, or natural gas; additionally, in our region we do not have any local option sales tax.

1.5%-2.5% Average Property Tax (Canyon County)

Personal (machinery/equipment) and real (land/buildings) – based on market value.

**Idaho does not have an inventory tax

7.4% Corporate Income Tax

Corporations that are taxable in Idaho and another state or country or are part of a unitary group of corporations, use a three-factor formula to ascertain how much of the business is conducted in Idaho. The apportionment formula is made up of a property factor, a payroll factor, and a sales factor. These three factors, with the sales factor being double weighted for all taxpayers (except for electrical and telephone companies) are totaled and divided by four to compute the Idaho apportionment factor. The Idaho apportionment factor is then applied to the business income of the corporation to compute income assigned to Idaho. Non-business income allocable to Idaho is added to the income apportioned to Idaho to arrive at Idaho taxable income.