Local Incentives

Supporting Our Businesses Is Important

The City of Nampa recognizes the importance of supporting our existing businesses and recruiting new business into the community. A strong business climate creates new jobs and enhances the tax base for the city which will result in overall increased prosperity. The City wishes to incentivize business development in our primary industries which create new wealth in the community.

It is the intent of the City to offer economic development incentives on an individual basis so that the total package of incentives, if any, may be designed specifically for each project proposed. This will allow the City flexibility to satisfy unique needs of each applicant and the needs of the City and its citizens. All incentive contracts between the City and businesses must be approved by the City Council.

To provide guidance to staff and the business community the general eligibility criteria outlined below must be met to be considered for an incentive contract.

Incentive eligibility criteria:

  • The City is in competition with another state or country for the investment and jobs.
  • Company is producing goods or services that are exported outside of the trade region.
  • Hire a minimum of 50 new permanent full-time positions
    • Positions must pay above minimum average county wage and provide employer sponsored benefits including health insurance.
  • Total incentive value not to exceed 1% of the total investment.
  • Incentive is available to both new companies locating in Nampa and existing companies expanding which meet the minimum criteria.

Incentives available:

  • Building permits and plan review fees
  • Planning and zoning permits fees
  • Negotiated financing for waste water and water connections
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Expedited plan review
Local incentives are only available for a match to the Tax Reimbursement Incentive


CDBG (Community Development Block Grants)

The City of Nampa is an entitlement community and administers the Community Development Block Grant Program. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocates funds to the City on an annual basis. The goals of the CDBG program are to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing; provide a suitable living environment; and to expand economic opportunities.

CDBG funds may be used for a wide variety of activities that address the need for new or improved public improvements and facilities, economic development opportunities, improving the supply or condition of housing, and public services.

Some examples of CDBG eligible activities could include:
  • Grants, loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies to businesses
  • Administrative costs directly related to economic development projects
  • Assistance to micro-enterprises, such as; loans, grants, technical assistance or supportive services
  • Acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, or installation of commercial or industrial buildings, or railroad spurs
  • Clearance and demolition
  • Housing services
  • Historic preservation
  • Renovation of closed buildings
  • Lead based paint testing, evaluation, reduction, and clearance
  • Employment training
  • Energy conservation
  • Rehabilitation of properties

Urban Renewal Agency

Urban Renewal and revenue allocation financing are one of the only tools available to Idaho Communities for attracting and retaining businesses, generating economic development, promoting job creation and encouraging development of deteriorating and underutilized areas. Nampa Development Corporation is the Urban Renewal Agency for the City of Nampa.

An Urban Renewal Agency can do:NDC Text
  • Relocation
  • Demolition and Cleanup
  • Acquire Property
  • Assist in Consolidation of Property
  • Streets and Utilities
  • Parks and Cultural Activities
  • Playgrounds
  • Off-Street Parking Facilities
  • Buildings or Public Improvements
  • Cooperate in Redevelopment Projects