Together with some of the lowest overall costs of doing business in the country, Idaho has a variety of State incentive programs, as well as local incentive programs designed to assist business start-up, business expansion, and business productivity. From financial incentives to business tax credits to worker training programs, to job creation and infrastructure improvements, Idaho's incentives are designed to enhance overall profitability and make doing business from Idaho very attractive. Plus, Idaho is near the top in virtually all indicators of business and economic vitality.Incentive

In 2014, the Boise Metropolitan Area created a "new beginning"
for the future of incentives with the Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI)

Because the City of Nampa recognizes the importance of quality of life, labor force, workforce development, competitive wages, and incentives, the City of Nampa continuously works to develop creative programs, resources, and incentives to assist in recruiting new businesses, and businesses considering expansion.

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