Nampa residents and employers alike benefit from a diverse and inclusive public and private school community, committed to academic excellence and integrity, as well as a variety of local and state workforce development programs that provide assistance to employees and businesses.  

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 With the many educational and workforce training opportunities available, Nampa is able to provide a comprehensive network to help ensure that its residents are educated and ready to enter the workforce of today and tomorrow. 


 Focusing on "Relevant and Meaningful Education," the vision of the Nampa School District is to "provide the foundation so that all students will develop a personal vision opening their own doors of opportunity for meaningful and productive lives." The goal of all of our schools within Nampa is to prepare all students to be successful as workers, citizens and lifelong learners.


 In Nampa, education starts at birth, with early childhood programs.  These programs help prepare all of the young citizens of Nampa to be ready to learn when entering the K-12 system. Among the many academic choices provided to students are professional technical education,  advanced academic programscharter schoolsdual-language magnet schools and alternative schools.  

 If your interest leans more toward a private school setting, then many options are available to you in Nampa as well.

 Post-secondary options are extensive in the area, from two-year programs to several colleges and universities offering higher learning in Nampa and the Boise-Nampa Metropolitan Area. Additionally, many private institutions are available with specialized areas of educational focus for the traditional and non-traditional student.


Primary and Secondary Education

Two-Year Programs

Colleges and Universities