Selective Traffic Enforcement Team (STEP)

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If you would like to report a traffic problem in your neighborhood or elsewhere in our city, please use the "Traffic Complaint Form". 

Abandoned Vehicles on Commercial Properties

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The Nampa Police Department selective traffic enforcement patrol team is committed to maintaining safety for its citizens. The goal is to reduce the number of people injured on Nampa's roadways by encouraging motorists to comply with traffic laws. The STEP Team is involved in many community safety enhancing programs as well as traffic enforcement. STEP also works closely with the Public Works Department to help identify problem streets and intersections, then work to remedy these issues. STEP and Public Works have worked together to make changes to intersection construction, traffic signal placement, speed limit changes, and other modifications to make travel in the city safer, and smoother. The STEP Team is also committed to student safety, and investigates all reported school bus stop arm violations.

STEP is also responsible for traffic control for all special events, such as Parades, bicycle races, walk-a-thon etc, that take place in Nampa City limits. They also assist other local agencies with traffic control for special events in their jurisdictions. If you have an upcoming special event that may impact traffic flow, please contact police dispatch at 208-465-2257, and you'll be directed to the coordinator.
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The STEP team would also like to remind everyone to "Buckle Up" when driving. Seat belts save lives and are the simplest and surest way to protect yourself from injury when driving, as proven year after year by accident statistics.

Please also slow down and drive safely, and please don't drink and drive! 100 of the 232 vehicle collision fatalities in Idaho in 2008 were attributed to aggressive driving, and another 96 to impaired driving. That's nearly 200 lives needlessly lost due to poor decision making. Please, don't drive aggressively and don't drive impaired. The life you save may be your own!

Idaho Traffic Crashes Report

Idaho 2012 Motor Vehicle Injuries
Persons Using Safety Restraints vs Persons Not Using Safety Restraints
Ages 7 & Older
Injury Type Restraints Used Restraints Not Used Unknown/NA Restraints
Fatality 54 105 73
Serious Injury 351 722 45
Visible Injury 475 2,085 107
Possible Injury 622 5,158 261
Idaho 2012 Motor Vehicle Injury Costs
Persons Using Safety Restraints vs Persons Not Using Safety Restraints
Ages 7 & Older

Restraints Used Restraints Not Used All Injuries
Total $770,570,463 $967,043,502 $1,813,865,592


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