Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

Logo for Special Investigations Unit

The special investigations unit (SIU) of the Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for conducting narcotics investigations and felony gang related criminal investigations. Members are trained in narcotics investigation and processing of clandestine laboratories, and conduct both active and undercover investigations, to attempt to identify, arrest, and charge persons involved in illegal drug manufacture or trafficking. Many of the investigations they conduct that result in the arrest of persons responsible for the trafficking or manufacture of illegal drugs, are the result of information provided by the public, and information and tips are welcome and encouraged.

The CCNU (City/County Narcotics Unit) was formed in 1989 in response to the need for a unified drug enforcement agency in Canyon County. In June of 2002, Nampa Police split from CCNU and started our own narcotics unit in response to a growing need for directed narcotics enforcement specifically within the city. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) was started to address that need after the Nampa Police Department separated from CCNU.

SIU maintains close working relationships with other drug enforcement agencies in Idaho and routinely works cases with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the State Bureau of Narcotics. SIU has established an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Ada County Narcotics Unit allowing both units to cross county lines to enhance enforcement efforts.

The unit also makes use of the National Guard personnel attached to the Army Counter Drug Unit. The Guard personnel provide support in the area of intelligence gathering and interpretation. They also maintain an intelligence database on drug offenders and drug trends.

Much of the information received by the unit comes from concerned citizens. Anyone can contact the SIU with information and remain anonymous.

We do not use Caller ID, nor do we record any calls from people wishing to provide narcotics tips or information.

Any information or concerns can be relayed through the form on the right, or called into the unit by calling 208-463-0139.