Persons Crimes Investigations

The Persons Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for all felony investigations related to crimes against persons. These include crimes such as aggravated assault/battery, felony domestic violence, child abuse, rape, and murder. This unit includes a Sergeant, Corporal, 5 investigators (one of which handles cyber crimes investigations), and 2 victim/witness coordinators. We take advantage of all the newest available resources to solve crimes and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. We are also proud to be part of the Nampa Family Justice Center working to bring the best possible police and victim services to members of our community. The Family Justice Center is a collaborative effort of multiple agencies gathered together under one roof for the benefit of crime victims.

Victim Witness Coordinators

Victim Witness Coordinators (VWCs) work closely with Nampa Police Detectives in the Persons Crimes Unit on behalf of victims.  The VWCs monitor the progress of the investigation and continuously update victims at various stages of the process.  The Nampa Police Department recognizes the value of informed victims, and the VWCs work to educate and empower victims by referring them to services, such as crime victims compensation, counseling, safety planning and additional resources available. 

VWC Mission Statement

In upholding the values of the Nampa Police Department, we are committed to providing consistent, professional victim centered services through thorough investigations.  We realize the negative impact crime has on families and individuals, and take pride in enveloping crime victims with resources to help them cope with the trauma and aftermath of the crime that was committed to them.

Rights of Victims

  • A crime victim, as defined by statute, has the following rights:

    1. To be treated with fairness, respect, dignity and privacy throughout the
    criminal justice process.
    2. To timely disposition of the case.
    3. To prior notification of trial court, appellate and parole sentence, incarceration
    and release of the defendant.
    4. To be present at all criminal justice proceedings.
    5. To communicate with the prosecution.
    6. To be heard, upon request, at all criminal justice proceedings considering a plea
    of guilty, sentencing, incarceration or release of the defendant, unless manifest
    injustice would result.
    7. To restitution, as provided by law, from the person committing the offense that
    caused the victim’s loss.
    8. To refuse an interview, ex parte contact, or other request by the defendant, or
    any other person acting on behalf of the defendant, unless such request is
    authorized by law.
    9. To read pre-sentence reports relating to the crime.
    10. To the same rights in juvenile proceedings, where the offense is a felony if
    committed by an adult, as guaranteed in this section, provided that access to
    the social history report shall be determined by statue.

Online Victim Resources

Local Resources for Abuse Victims

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Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney

Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney


Crime Victims Compensation

Victim Compensation Application -Financial assistance to pay for medical and counseling costs related to crimes against persons.

Domestic Violence Education/Resources

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