Property Crimes Investigations

The Property Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division investigates crimes such as robbery, fraud, forgery, insufficient funds checks, burglary, grand thefts and internet fraud. The Property Crimes Unit is staffed by 7 investigators and 1 community service officer. Our mission is to recover stolen property and hold accountable those responsible for committing those crimes. With help from the local community members and our community service officers, the Property Crimes Unit monitors the sale of stolen property through pawn shops and recycled metal businesses, in order to identify thieves using legitimate businesses to fence their stolen goods. Detectives from the Property Crimes Unit also maintain partnerships with area business owners in a proactive attempt to reduce inventory loss from job sites and through employee theft.

One of the most effective means of identifying and recovering stolen physical property, is through the use of serial numbers or owner applied numbers. Unfortunately one of the issues we run into more often than not, is that the owners of property have not recorded that information. We frequently recover items that are clearly stolen based on the manner of their recovery, but without the serial numbers included in the theft report (unless it is a unique item) it is exceedingly difficult to identify their owners and get the items returned. As such, we have created an easy to use serial numbers list, where that information can be recorded and saved. We highly encourage owners to record the recommended information for any personal property of value, either using our form or your own, so should you become the victim of a theft, that information is available for the investigation.