Nampa Civic Foundation

As of October 5, 2016

The Civic Foundation is a 501c3 organization housing the Nampa Arts & Humanities Council (NAHC) and is committed to enjoining human emotions and culture through dance, music and theater. Collectively and collaboratively, we look to organize, build and create evenPicture of the Nampa Civic Foundation Logots that provide delightful experiences for the Community.

Located at the Nampa Civic Center, joined the John Brandt Performing Arts Theater, we are initiating a sustainable legacy. This Council shall create, evaluate and launch various performances, events, camps and support marketing outreach for promotion.

The Foundation structure shall be:

President: Stuart Rudorfer (Scorpion Productions)
Vice President: Dr. Jean Andrews (Music Theater of Idaho)
Treasurer: John Cantlon (Nampa Civic Center)

Advisory Members


Trina Rhoades (MTi)
Mac Andrews (MTI)
Pat McDonald (Pat the Light Man)
Autumn Kersey (Treasure Valley Children’s Theater)
Jonathan Perry (Encore Theater)
Judy Stanfill (Art Ambassadors of the Treasure Valley)