Community Involvement

Take a Bite out of Crime with McGruff

Photo of McGruff the Crime DogNampa Police Department is actively involved in the McGruff Crime Prevention program. If you would like McGruff to attend your event and cover crime prevention tips, please contact CSO Yvette Fickel a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. (Preferably longer in advance).

Child Fingerprinting Program

Photo of a fingerprintFingerprinting your child is a very good idea and Nampa Police can help. If your child is ever abducted or lost, fingerprints can help law enforcement identify your child and increase the chance of their proper identification and safe return home.

We offer child fingerprinting and encourage groups, such as Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts, or church groups to come in for a tour of the department and to be fingerprinted. If you are interested in bringing your group through for fingerprinting, please contact CSO Yvette Fickel for scheduling.

Police Athletics League (PAL) Program

Picture of the Police Athletics Program LogoThe Nampa Police Department is proud to be part of the PAL (Police Athletic League) program. This program is designed to offer positive, wholesome and character building activities in well-supervised and safe settings. We offer youth football, outdoor programs (hiking, rock climbing, etc), weight training, boxing and more. We will be starting equestrian events soon as well.

For information on offered activities, or how to get your child involved, please contact:

Cpt Curt Shankel (208) 468-5661 for general PAL inquiries
Officer Sally Miller (208) 458-5798, for PAL Outdoor Activities

For more information call Nampa PAL at 208-468-5640.

Photo of children in football uniforms Photo of children stretching