Reporting Crimes


For Emergencies, please call 911


Crimes In Progress

For non emergency in-progress crimes, do not use any of the website contacts, forms or other methods to report the incident. Please immediately call Police Dispatch at (208) 465-2257.

Crimes After the Fact

There are several ways to file a report with the Nampa Police Department.

  • Contact Nampa Police Dispatch
  • Use one of our Online Police Report Forms
  • Download and complete one of our Police Report Forms

Contact Nampa Police Dispatch

Call the Nampa Police Dispatch line at (208) 465-2257 and they will help determine the best manner to handle your request.

Online Forms

Complete one of our online report forms for quick and easy reporting and someone will contact you to provide information and assistance.

Downloaded Forms

Download and print one of our report forms and you can mail it to us or deliver it to us in person.


Option 1) Complete the "Online" form, which will send the completed form automatically to the police department records division, as well as give you an option to print the completed report.

Option 2) Save the PDF form to your system (click File, then choose "Save As"), then complete and print the form, and either mail the completed form or bring it to NPD.