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Nampa Police Volunteers

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The Nampa Police Volunteers, are a group of citizens who volunteer their time to assist the police in many ways. They have contributed thousands of hours over the years helping police staff and saving department funds. They assist by providing security or traffic direction at various events or traffic incidents, assist in looking for lost individuals, help administratively, and do citizens patrol and other tasks – some of which are listed below:

  • Verify Handicap Parking permits
  • VIN Inspections (Immobile vehicles, commercial vehicles, or tow companies only. For all others, contact DMV) Note: VIN inspections are only conducted on Tuesdays, due to NPVG availability.
  • Radar Trailer set up and removal
  • Reader Board
  • Tag Abandoned Vehicles
  • Provide security and traffic control at the major events at the Idaho Center 
  • SWAT challenge competition
  • Surveillance of arson burned homes
  • Be participants and role players for Police training
  • City Events (Art in the Park, Crime Fair, Community Fun Night, Trunk or Treat) 
  • Patrol city streets and parking lots using a Volunteer car
  • Shop with a Cop assisting children as they shop for Christmas gifts
  • Drug Take Back Day, enabling citizens to turn in unwanted prescription drugs
  • Civic Events such as National Night Out, visiting events & showing support 
  • Nampa Public Safety Academy, assisting with the activities
  • Crime Prevention, being an additional set of eyes and ears for the Police
  • Volunteer Recruitment, Providing traffic control at Parades and other events

VolunteersAdditional opportunities include being assigned to different Police divisions, such as the Family Justice Center, Property Crimes Detectives, and Patrol shifts both day and night, Dispatch, Records, and Evidence. This may include working closely with specific specialty offices, such as Crime Analysis, Forensics, Detectives, and Administration.

Volunteers may also work closely with the Police intern program, helping to define and streamline programs.

Senior VolunteerWe have a strong volunteer force made up of volunteers of all ages and various backgrounds. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. We have volunteers who have been in Mission Aviation, Engineering, Insurance Field, Paralegal, Information’s Systems Analyst, Corporate America, Retail, Department of Defense, medical fields, homemakers, teachers, and law enforcement, to name a few. We also have volunteers & interns who have later been employed by the Nampa Police Department, to include the Volunteer Coordinator, several officers and one of the victim witness coordinators.

It is the Nampa Police Department policy to use qualified volunteers for specified tasks and duties to create efficiency within the department, and improve services to our community. Volunteers supplement and support, rather than supplant, sworn officers and civilian personnel. They are an important part of the Department and a valuable asset that help free up staff for other duties, improve delivery of services to the public, help input information, and provide new program opportunities. They bring new skills, expertise, and enthusiasm.

How to become a volunteer?

  • Submit an application to Volunteer Coordinator Yvette Fickel
  • She and a Police Sergeant will conduct an interview
  • A background check will be conducted, and upon successful completion of the background check, the applicant will be invited to an orientation with other volunteers to welcome them to the program, answer questions, and be assigned a mentor to work with them until training is complete. They will be given a briefing of what is expected of volunteers and receive an information packet, then discuss and identify their areas of interests, discuss training, and tour the Police department.
Training PhotoThere are 4 levels in the volunteer structure, based on the time of service and level of commitment an intern can provide. The more that volunteers commit to the Nampa Police Department, the more responsibility they are entrusted with.
If you have a strong work ethic and believe that you have what it takes to volunteer with the Nampa Department, we want to meet you!
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, submit a Volunteers Application, or if you have questions about becoming a volunteer, contact CSO Yvette Fickel.

Nampa Public Safety Academy

CPA204.jpg CPA203.jpg

The Nampa Police Department has facilitated two Nampa Public Safety Academies a year for the last several years. Approximately 20 to 25 people are given the opportunity to learn how the Police conduct day-to-day operations, and thus experience law enforcement up close and personal.
Citizens are given an opportunity to drive a police car at the POST academy driving range, shoot police firearms at the NPD firing range, and practice arresting intoxicated drivers.
The Nampa Fire department is involved in the Academy as well. They offer segments on Fire Department specific training, and conduct certified CPR classes for attendees using Fire Department paramedics.
The final evaluations from attendees have garnered responses such as; "I thought the class was fantastic." "I enjoyed every one of the classes." "This class is a wonderful learning tool. I would highly recommend this program to my family and friends." “The course went by so fast; I wish it didn’t have to end!”
Several NPSA alumni have later become Nampa Police Volunteers.
Check the events page for upcoming academy dates and contact CSO Yvette Fickel for more information, or complete and submit the Public Safety Academy Application.


Nampa Police Department offers internships for college students. Students must be enrolled in school and receive a letter of recommendation from their professor. Only internships for course credit will be accepted.

Intern applicants will be required to pass a criminal back ground investigation before being accepted and assigned.

If you are interested in becoming an intern for the Nampa Police Department, contact Jennifer Dwyre.