Nampa Wastewater Division


Nampa's Wastewater Division of Public Works is committed to serving our customers and protecting our environment by operating and maintaining Nampa's sanitary sewer system.

Nampa's Wastewater Division:

  • Operates and maintains the third largest treatment plant in Idaho
  • Maintains sewer lines and collection system
  • Manages a Recreational Vehicle Dump
  • Serves 24,000 residential customers, 3,200 commercial customers and 10 industrial customers
Established in 1948, the Division is the oldest retail wastewater provider in Idaho. The utility is funded by sewer bills and new connection fees, not taxes.
Facts about Nampa's Wastewater Division:

  • Capacity to treat 18 million gallons of wastewater each day
  • Maintains 387.92 miles of sewer pipes. The pipes range from 6 to 42 inches in diameter
  • Removes 99% of all biological oxygen demand before the wastewater is discharged into Indian Creek
  • Removes and disposes 1,930 tons of biosolids to the Waste Management System SIMCO landfill
  • Perform 4,000 tests for process control each year
  • Sample Indian Creek twice a week to ensure water quality
  • Maintains 5,257 of manholes and 10 lift stations
  • The plant is staffed 20 hours a day, every day of the year