Nampa Water Conservation Task Force

The Stormwater Education Program has focused on increasing public awareness about stormwater and water quality issues while including as many demographics as possible. 

The City of Nampa's Environmental Compliance Division has utilized community input for much of the Stormwater Education Programs duration. An advisory group was instrumental in the initial development of many activities and projects that the city has developed. Nampa Stormwater Advisory Group (NSWAG) committee members will be asked to: 

  • Provide input and guidance to the City of Nampa's Stormwater Program
  • Help with special project development and implementation
  • Assist the City in its continued effort to provide stormwater education and outreach to the community in Nampa
See below for some of the projects that NSWAG members have provided assistance with! 

NSWAG Roles and Responsibilities


The most recent project has been the Nampa Educational Rain Garden, completed in June 2021. Thanks to the help of NSWAG members, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Nampa School District, and City of Nampa employees. The primary function of the Educational Rain Garden is to demonstrate ways to prevent stormwater runoff from polluting our local waterways. At the site are signage in both Spanish and English that shows the plants used in the garden and a description of what stormwater is. The Educational Rain Garden can be found at Lakeview Park off Garrity Blvd and 12th Ave N in Nampa.

Photo directly above was taken by Katie Robar, The Langdon Group


Installed in Fall 2019, The Creeks of Nampa Signs were designed to share information about our watershed and the wildlife who live in it. The signage is bilingual-in both Spanish and English, and was made possible by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Hispanic outreach. These signs can be found off S Canyon St and W Georgia Ave on Wilson Trail in Nampa.

Stormwater shelter pics 035
One of the first projects NSWAG has assisted with is the City Acres Park Stormwater Kiosk in Nampa, built in 2014. This shelter features multiple Spanish and English signage about how a watershed functions. This kiosk is frequently used for Water Quality Camp days in the summer time.