Specialty Units

Nampa Police Department employs a wide variety of specialties to effectively provide service to the public. Specialty positions are primarily occupied by sworn personnel, however several specialties have civilian positions as well, such as criminalists, crisis negotiators and field training (Dispatch & Records). Nampa Police Department provides the necessary training and equipment for members of all specialty units.

Specialties that are a primary duty assignment are indicated with a (PD). Extra duty assignments are indicated with an (Ex). Specialties include but are not limited to;

Arson Task Force

Works with Nampa Fire Department investigators on potential arson incidents, to verify arson and then conduct a criminal investigation.

• 3 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)

Bomb Squad

Photo of bomb robot
Uses specialized training and equipment, including robotic assistance, to deal with potential or actual explosive devices.

• 3 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)
The Nampa Police Department Bomb Squad consists of three officers from the
Nampa Police Department, One member of the Nampa Fire Department, and one Deputy Sheriff from the Canyon County Sheriff's Office.

Photo of bomb unit trainingThe Nampa Police Department Bomb Squad members are trained by FBI instructors at the Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville Alabama, at Redstone Arsenal.

The Nampa Police Department Bomb Squad operates regionally and has an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with five surrounding counties in Idaho and one county in Oregon, to include all cities within those counties. This allows the Bomb Squad to be called upon to serve in other jurisdictions and assist agencies that are not equipped to deal with explosive devices.

Crime Scene Investigator, Criminalist & Evidence Specialist

Photo of crime scene
Conducts in depth crime scene analysis and evidence collection. Evidence specialists' work with the CSIs' on crime scene evidence collection and maintain custody and inventory of all collected evidence. Criminalists conduct forensic examination of evidence in the lab, as well as assist in major crime scene investigation.

• 1 civilian Criminalist, 8 sworn team CSIs' and 3 evidence specialists (PD)

Photo of Criminalist Christine CannonCrime Scene Investigators are assigned to each patrol team. This group receives specialized crime scene training in order to process more serious crime scenes. All Nampa Police officers receive crime scene investigation training but these special investigators receive advanced crime scene training and are used on all serious crime scenes as well as on some moderate standard crime scenes, in order to free up Patrol Officers to handle the ever increasing call load.

The Unit is lead by Criminalist Christine Cannon, who also leads the Evidence Division. Evidence personnel are responsible for custody and inventory of all evidence collected by Nampa Police Department, as well as assisting with evidence collection at major crime scenes.

Photo of Evidence Specialist Tara KohoCurrently the Nampa Police Department crime lab handles all forms of latent fingerprint processing, marijuana screening, shoe and tire track comparisons, AFIX latent comparisons and some trace evidence processing. We currently use the Idaho State Police department crime lab for narcotics testing, DNA testing and blood and urine toxicology screening.

Criminal Investigations Division

Investigations of all felony crimes.

Division is separated into two units, with one unit tasked with investigating property crimes and the other tasked with investigating crimes against persons.

• 14 sworn officers are currently assigned (PD)

Crisis Negotiators

Works with TRT on high risk hostage or barricaded subject incidents, to attempt to gain compliance of the violator and obtain a peaceful resolution.

• 7 sworn officers and civilian members are currently assigned (Ex)

Dive Team

Utilizes full S.C.U.B.A. training and equipment for underwater evidence and cadaver recovery.

• 4 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)

Picture of Dont Drink and Drive sign

DUI Enforcement Team

Specialized DUI team working evenings/nights specifically targeting impaired drivers.

• 4 sworn officers are currently assigned (PD)

Field Training Officer

- Responsible for the on the job portion of training for new officers.

• Approximately 20 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)
• Several civilian employees assigned for training of dispatch & records personnel (Ex)

Police Honor Guard

Photo of Police Honor Guard
Ceremonial unit used in the presentation of colors and rifle detail for special events and funerals.

• 8 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)

The Nampa Police Department Honor Guard is a special ceremonial unit formed to serve on special events and law enforcement funerals.
Photo of Police Honor Guard
Since it's inception in 2001, the Honor Guard has had the sad and unfortunate duty of attending several funerals of slain officers, both in Idaho and in 5 surrounding states.

The Honor Guard has also served at numerous formal occasions around the Treasure Valley, providing Color Guard services for veterans appreciation events, Make a Wish fundraisers, and many local government functions.

The honor Guard also provides support and participates in the services for the annual Idaho Peace Officer Memorial. This is an annual service involving honor guards from many state agencies.

This volunteer unit is comprised of Nampa Police officers specially chosen to serve.

Photo of K-9 Police Service Dog and Handler

K-9 Patrol

Police service dog handlers, including narcotics and bomb detection, as well as enforcement tactics.

• 7 service dogs and handlers' are currently active (Ex)

P. R. O. Team

Public disturbance control team, specially trained and equipped beyond standard police riot training, for the restoration of order in riot or civil unrest situations.

• 20 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)

Range Master

Responsible for range safety and training of officers in the use of firearms.

• 4 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)
Photo of Police Officers on Bicycles

School Resource Officer

Works in elementary, middle and high schools, teaching and handling crimes involving students of assigned schools. Conducts bicycle patrol during summer break.

• 11 sworn officers are currently assigned (PD)

Special Investigations Unit (208-463-0139)

Investigations of narcotics and felony gang related crimes.

• Currently 7 sworn assigned. (PD)

Photo of Anti-Meth AdCCNU (City County Narcotics Unit) was formed in 1989 in response to the need for a unified drug enforcement agency in Canyon County. In June of 2002, Nampa Police split from CCNU and started our own narcotics unit in response to a growing need for directed narcotics enforcement specifically within the city. The Special Investigations Unit was started to address that need after the Nampa Police Department separated from CCNU.

SIU maintains close working relationships with other drug enforcement agencies in Idaho and routinely works cases with the DEA and the State Bureau of Narcotics. SIU has established an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Ada County Narcotics Unit allowing both units to cross county lines to enhance enforcement efforts.

The unit also makes use of the National Guard personnel attached to the Army Counter Drug Unit. The Guard personnel provide support in the area of intelligence gathering and interpretation. They also maintain an intelligence database on drug offenders and drug trends.

Much of the information received by the unit comes from concerned citizens. Anyone can contact the SIU with information and remain anonymous. We do not use Caller ID, nor do we record any calls from people wishing to provide narcotics tips or information. Any information or concerns can be relayed through the form on the right, or called into the unit by calling 208-463-0139.

Photo of Nampa Police Motor Officers

Selective Traffic Enforcement Team

Traffic team dealing with traffic accidents, traffic complaints & general enforcement. Use of marked cars and police motor units for patrol.

• 5 sworn officers are currently assigned (PD)

Tactical Response Team

Photo of Tactical Response Team
High risk tactical entry team, dealing with high risk warrant service, hostage situations, barricaded suspects etc.

• 14 sworn officers are currently assigned (Ex)