Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

Picture of a magnifying glass viewing a fingerprint
The Criminal Investigations Division of the Nampa Police Department investigates crimes in several categories to protect you, your family and your property. CID is divided into three specialties:

Persons Crimes
Property Crimes
Special Investigations Unit

Common Fraud Investigations Information

There are many types of fraud and only some can be investigated by the Nampa Police Department. In most fraud cases, the crime occurs in two locations. One being the jurisdiction where the victim's information was compromised, and the second where the suspect was located when they committed the crime. Generally investigation and prosecution takes place from the suspect's location, as that is where the evidence resides and it avoids extradition costs. There are generally many victims from multiple jurisdictions as well, and it is much easier for the single jurisdiction where the suspect is located to investigate and prosecute all of the related cases.

If the suspect is located inside Nampa City limits, or at least locally, then the Nampa Police Department can investigate your fraud incident. If the suspect is located in another jurisdiction inside the United States, then the Nampa Police Department can help you start the investigation by taking a courtesy report and forwarding it to the jurisdiction where the suspect is located.

In international incidents where the suspect is located outside of the United States, the Nampa Police Department cannot investigate those incidents. For reporting of those incidents, please click on the button below to be taken to the FBI website. You may also click the below link to review various fraud types and see what your incident is classified as, and where it needs to be reported.

Fraud Reporting
Idaho AG's Office