The Nampa Police Dispatch Center currently dispatches for Nampa Police Department and the Nampa Fire Department. All 911 calls within the incorporated limits of Nampa come into this center. Medical calls are dispatched to both the fire department and the Canyon County Sheriff's Office, who handles the dispatching for the Canyon County Paramedics. Typically there are at least three dispatchers on duty at all times, with four serving during peak load times. There are currently sixteen full time dispatchers, under the supervision of Carmen Boeger, the Dispatch Manager.

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Nampa Police Dispatch is one of the busiest dispatch centers in the state. Between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017, dispatch handled over 150,090 phone calls. 69,607 law enforcement incidents were generated from those calls, including 13,084 officer generated contacts. These include case follow up calls, citizen flag downs, traffic stops, etcetera. Dispatch also sent Fire and EMS on over 9,467 calls for service during that same period. This does not take into consideration the radio traffic generated from officer contacts and information requests by both fire and police personnel.
                                                                                                                                                       Overview of dispatch

 The Dispatch Center is completely computerized using an enhanced 911 phone system with a  computer aided dispatch system. Nampa Police also deploys GPS mapping and GPS in all patrol cars. This aids dispatch in sending the closest unit to an in progress incident, rather than simply sending the assigned area car.

Our Agency also has Phase two 911 service. Phase II service provides location of 911 cell phone calls for fast emergency service, in the event the caller either loses connection, or is forced to end the connection.

If you are interested in a fulfilling career as a dispatcher and challenging yourself, check out our employment requirements to see if you qualify.

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