Safe Routes to School


In the last 30 years we have seen walking and biking to school drop from 42% to 16%. Today, kids, parents and communities are teaming up all over Idaho to reverse this trend, make kids safer and combat the rising obesity epidemic.

Nampa's Safe Routes to School program is run by Valley Regional Transit

Why Walk or Bike?

It's Healthy - It doesn't pollute the air we breathe - It reduces traffic congestion - It reduces school bus trips - It's good for you and the environment!!

Why Now?

Lately, it seems as though we are experiencing more and more vehicle v. pedestrian/bicyclist accidents. One way to prevent this from happening is to educate everyone on how to be safe and how to follow the rules of the road. By learning to become a safe walker or rider, our children will, in turn, become more conscientious drivers when they are older. Also, it is never to late to learn the rules of the road, so we all become better drivers.

Keep Them Safe!

Please encourage your school or PTA to become involved in the Nampa Safe Routes to School Program so we can help to educate ALL of Nampa's Children.

Nampa Safe Routes To School PHOTO GALLERY


Think Outside the Box (30 seconds)

Mobility (30 seconds)

Nampa SR2S for Administrators (5:14)

Nampa SR2S for Parents (4:40)

Crosswalk Safety - Mayor's Teen Council

Distracted Driving - Mayor's Teen Council

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