Landlord Training

Landlord Training: Keeping Illegal Activity out of Your Rental Properties

The City of Nampa, with support from the Cities of Boise, Meridian, and Caldwell, will host the Landlord Training Program in 2017

 $30.00 per person to attend one OR both days
DAY OF EVENT COST: $40.00 per person upon event check-in

The training session will cover information on property screening of applicants, rental agreements, on-going management, working with the police, community building, crime prevention, warning signs of drag and gang activity, crisis resolution and eviction and fair housing and changes in Idaho statute.

The Landlord Training Program is designed to provide information to help landlords and property managers keep illegal drug activity and other criminal activity off their property. The content of the course has been developed through a process of intense research involving hundreds of organizations and individuals: landlords, management associates, private attorneys, public defenders, housing authority personnel, tenant screening, narcotics detectives, district officers and many others. The program has won the approval of active landlords, property managers and concerned tenants alike. Both sessions will include the same presentation and materials.
This training is beneficial to anyone that owns and rents out property as well as property management professionals. 
Reactions from landlords who complete the course are consistently strong and positive: landlords and managers overwhelmingly agree the training increases their confidence in screening rental applicants and their ability to recognize warning signs of drug activity. As a problem-solving tool, this training has proven to be an important part of reclaiming and protecting residential neighborhoods.
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