Ordinances Enforced

What We Do?

  • Inspect and administer compliance efforts for a variety of municipal codes and ordinances
  • Neighborhood revitalization efforts to improve and maintain all housing in an attractive, safe and sanitary condition for its useful life and for the general appearance of the City (2035 Comprehensive Plan)
  • Maintain and improve the aesthetics of our commercial corridors, and gateway entrances to enhance our image and spur private development (2035 Comprehensive Plan)
  • Inventory location and condition of vacant and substandard housing units and their impacts on the community (2035 Comprehensive Plan)
  • Facilitate volunteer and community initiatives and programs (NNU, North Nampa, Old Nampa)
  • Uphold land use requirements (2035 Comprehensive Plan)
  • Attend HOA and community organization meetings
  • Help neighborhoods develop self-help programs and plans for their neighborhood
  • Community outreach- surveys, informational flyers, notifications (events, happenings, city projects)
  • Education on city codes, ordinances, and policies; state and federal laws; city happenings and events
  • Responsible for all parking management and compliance efforts for leased parking and regulated parking within Downtown Nampa
  • Refer citizens to grants and/or loan programs offered by the City, such as; critical needs loan program
  • Assist in Tenant/Landlord Training
  • Brush Up Nampa
  • Rake Up Nampa
  • Fence Up Nampa (fence revitalization program)
  • Community Tire-Drive

Who We Assist?

  • Residents, business owners, and visitors of Nampa
  • Canyon County Code Enforcement- coordinate efforts
  • HOA’s, property management companies, real estate agencies, and banks
  • Downtown Nampa Business Association
  • Various Departments/Divisions within the City
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Building
  • Engineering
  • Storm water
  • Traffic
  • Streets
  • Utility Billing
  • Water
  • Parks
  • Police Department


The City of Nampa Code Compliance and Community Relations Division is responsible for the enforcement of many areas within the City Ordinance. Below is a list of the many common areas of enforcement, along with the corresponding Title and Chapter reference. Simply click on the Title/Chapter listed next to the topics to find an unofficial description of the ordinance. Some ordinances may be in the process of being codified based on amendments or changes. For the OFFICIAL ordinance, please refer to the City Code.



Animal Zoning RegulationsTitle 10, Chapter 21
Building w/out PermitTitle 10, Chapter 2, 10-2-2
Dangerous BuildingTitle 3, Chapter 4, 3-4-10
FencesTitle 10, Chapter 1, 10-1-8
Garage SalesTitle 10, Chapter 1, 10-1-12
GraffitiTitle 6, Chapter 6
Home OccupationsTitle 10, Chapter 1, 10-1-10
Junk VehiclesTitle 3, Chapter 4, 3-4-7
Land UsesTitle 10, Chapter 3
NuisancesTitle 3, Chapter 4, 3-4-10
Outdoor StorageTitle 10, Based on Zone
Overwatering-Mis use of Irrigation WaterTitle 8, Chapter 1, 8-1-22
Parking RegulationsTitle 7, Chapter 2
Pests and InsectsTitle 3, Chapter 4, 3-4-11
Setbacks/EasementsTitle 10, Chapter 1, 10-1-7
Sidewalk MaintenanceTitle 9, Chapter 1, 9-1-8
Sidewalk ObstructionTitle 9, Chapter 1, 9-1-8
SignsTitle 10, Chapter 23
Solid Waste AccumulationTitle 3, Chapter 4, 3-4-7
Solid Waste ControlTitle 3, Chapter 3
Temporary or Transient UsesTitle 10, Chapter 1, 10-1-12
Trees and Shrubs overhanging streets and sidewalksTitle 5, Chapter 2
Unlicensed/Inoperable vehiclesTitle 6, Chapter 8, 6-8-5
Vehicles in Residential ZonesTitle 10, Chapter 1, 10-1-22
WeedsTitle 3, Chapter 4, 3-4-8
Un-secured StructureTitle 3, Chapter 4, 3-4-10