Nampa 2040 Comprehensive Plan Final

Nampa 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Nampa 2040 Comprehensive Plan
Nampa 2040 Future Land Use Map

The Nampa 2040 Comprehensive Plan provides a roadmap for city and community leaders to address growth and its impacts to quality of life issues; and it provides guidance for sustainable development. The Comprehensive Plan contains a Future Land Use Map that is a vision of community land use into the future. The implementation of the principles and guidelines in the Comprehensive Plan is realized through the establishment of action items that are supported by goals, objectives and strategies. These action items are intended to provide measurable outcomes that may result in changes or additions to codes, policies, procedures, staffing and other outcomes. Key action items are identified for completion over the next five years. Department Heads and Council Members may utilize these action items to help guide budgeting proposals and decisions.

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan document provides an analysis of existing conditions within each of the chapter sections. Several sections are followed by recommendations (in bold) that are based on feedback received by the Comprehensive Plan Review Advisory Committee, the public and city staff. The entire chapter analysis is followed by a series of Goals, Objectives and Strategies. Certain Strategies are further defined as "Key Strategies." The Key Strategies were verified by the City Department Heads and included in the Action Items which follow each chapter. These Action Items are to be attainable within a 5-year period and will help guide City Department planning and budgeting. The Action Items were also evaluated against the Strategic Plan’s Focus areas: Safety, Infrastructure and Economic Opportunity.