Community Outreach & Volunteer Program

Neighborhood Meetings

Code Compliance Officers are available to attend neighborhood meetings for the purpose of explaining city ordinances and code compliance. Neighborhood groups are a great way to get to know neighbors and better the community as residents take a participating role in organizing and maintaining their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Sponsored Clean-Ups

The Code Compliance Division participates in cleanup events that neighborhoods are sponsoring. Some neighborhoods may qualify for assistance through grant funds to pay for the rental of a large dumpster for a cleanup event. Having a cleanup event where residents participate and help each other beautify the surroundings rids the neighborhood of the unsightly and unsanitary trash.

Code Compliance Sponsored Clean-Ups

Code Compliance periodically sponsors neighborhood cleanups. When funds are available, Code Compliance will sponsor a cleanup day in a specified neighborhood. The neighborhood is chosen based on current code enforcement violations, especially large accumulation of trash and debris throughout the neighborhood. Code Compliance, Allied Waste, and other City employees work together during these events to remove bulky waste, brush, and other trash and debris free of charge. The Code Compliance officer assigned to that area will return to the neighborhood following the clean-up, to check and see if any properties remain in violation of the City’s codes and ordinances.

“Fence Up” Nampa (Fence Revitalization Project)

Our first Fence-Up Nampa project begun in September of 2012. This fence revitalization project consists of fixing and painting/staining fences that are in a minor state of disrepair and/or lack of maintenance. These fences are those that are located along the boundaries of neighborhoods that have a direct visual impact on the appearance of the neighborhood. Code Compliance staff, along with Community Development and community volunteers spend hours revitalizing thousands of feet of fence.

“Brush Up” Nampa

Our Code Compliance Team joins together with the Community Development Division and approximately 300+ community volunteers every spring to paint homes of senior and disabled residents within Nampa that are in need of maintenance.Brush-Up Nampa is more than just paint; it restores pride in ownership, increases property values and boosts the morale of the recipients. For more information on Brush-Up Nampa, click here….

“Rake Up” Nampa

Our Code Compliance Team joins together with the Community Development Division and approximately 1000 community volunteers every year around November to rake up more than 100 properties for seniors and/or disabled residents in the City of Nampa. For more information on Rake-Up Nampa, click here….

Tire Collection Drive

This event is the City's effort to help citizens in removing tires, which are a code violation, eyesore and a health hazard. The event is FREE for Nampa residents. Non-residents are charged a small fee per tire. This fee is equal to the cost of what the City is being charged to dispose of the tires. This is for residential size tires only--and rims must be removed.


This program enables groups or individuals to take charge of a chosen street section and organize regular litter and weed cleanup. Your commitment is publicized with a roadside sign and you are provided with fluorescent safety vests, gloves and vests. The rubbish you collect is then taken away by City crews.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a wonderful and fulfilling way to give back to your community. The City of Nampa strives to foster an environment that thrives on community involvement. Single-handedly we can make a difference, but together we can make a significant long-lasting positive impact on our community! Some of the best reasons to volunteer are ones you may not have considered—the ones that make it worth the while to go that extra step. People who have spent time volunteering for a cause report that they get back in satisfaction and joy more than they ever expend in inconvenience or effort—what you get back is immeasurable.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please call our office at 208-468-5473 email us.