A number of psychoeducational and support groups are offered to Nampa Family Justice Center clients. Psychoeducational groups are facilitated by a mental health professional and are focused on providing education and information about specific subjects to group members. Support groups bring people together who have had similar experiences in order to provide encouragement and guidance to one another. 

All Groups are FREE and held at the NFJC. Call 208-475-5700 to register or for more information.

Who: Adults wanting to learn more about boundaries.
What: Open 6-week psychoeducational group. Learn about boundaries: What they are and how to set and enforce them through practice and support.
Breaking the Codependency Cycle:
Who: Adults wanting to learn more about Codependency and breaking the cycle of Codependency.
What: Open 6-week psychoeducational group. Learn about Codependency: What causes it and how to overcome it. Learn about family patterns, fixing vs support, healthy relationships and self - care.
Pattern Changing:
Who: Women looking to develop a greater sense of self-worth and change relationship patterns that have negatively impacted them.
What: Learn about cycles of abuse, gain understanding of basic rights, develop techniques and skills for changing patterns and taking control of life.
Who: Women over 50
What: Support/psychoeducational group.
*funded by the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
Adult Healthy Relationships:
Who: Adults 18-49
What: Support/ psychoeducational group. This group has healthy relationship material, along with a support group forum to deal with unhealthy/abusive relationships.
Who: Teens 13-18 
What: A 4-6 week psychoeducational group. Includes information about legal, educational, and career consequences of sexting. There will be discussions regarding safety, bulling, objectification, emotions, and boundary issues.
Teen Healthy Relationships:
Who: Teens 13-17
What: Psychoeducational group focused on healthy communication styles, boundaries, self-esteem, teen dating violence prevention, social media, sexting, and bullying. 
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