Anti Graffiti Program

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General Information

The City of Nampa is taking action to wipe out graffiti. Code Enforcement and the Police Department are working together to manage a practical Graffiti Abatement Program in Nampa. The City is working to keep neighborhoods clean and attractive through various activities including abatement programs, educational outreach, community involvement and police enforcement. Anti-Graffiti Program Brochure

Mission Statement

To maintain and improve the quality of our community by ensuring removal of graffiti from private and public property through:
  • Empowerment - to remove and prevent graffiti throughout the City of Nampa by empowering citizens and encouraging neighborhood pride;
  • Education – provide continuous education and community outreach to adequately inform the citizens of Nampa on their responsibility as a property owner;
  • Enforcement - Oversee graffiti intervention and enforcement within the City of Nampa;
  • Eradication - continue abatement efforts through the Graffiti Abatement Program, Public Works, and community volunteers.

Fundamental Services

We will assist residences and businesses within the City of Nampa city limits in three ways:
  1. By providing assistance, when time and funds allowed, for removing graffiti from a property by painting over the graffiti in standardized grey color paint. This is a temporary fix to blank out the graffiti; however, it is recommended that the property owner follow up with a paint that more closely matches the existing structure. Painting over graffiti with a matching color has been statistically proven to lower the percentage of a reoccurrence;
  2. The City will immediately abate graffiti on any City building or structure;
  3. And, provide anti-graffiti information and referral services. We will abate graffiti on private residences whose owners fail to comply with the City of Nampa’s request for voluntary compliance. These property owners are subject to a service fee and a property lien for all costs incurred by the City.
The City of Nampa has a strict graffiti ordinance. The ordinance requires removal of graffiti within 15 days of receipt of the notice. Property owners are responsible for taking measures to prevent graffiti and for graffiti removal. Graffiti is a crime and it adds blight to the City of Nampa. Please help eliminate graffiti in our community.

"Paint the Box" Utility Art Box Program

"Paint the Box" is a public art program of creating art on traffic signalboxes throughout the City of Nampa. The goal of the project is to decrease the instances of graffiti and vandal on these surfaces while making them colorful works of art. Once addressed by artists, the utility box art projects have proven to be very resistant to graffiti and vandalism and contribute significantly to the vitality and attracetiveness of the streetscape.

Beyond adding to Nampa's spirit of creativity, community and innovation, these boxes are meant to beautify, inspire, and promote recognition and celebration of local artists, art students, and those of all ages interested in growing thir creativity.

This project is being implemented by the City's Economic Development Department, Code Compliance Division. Funding is provided through donations from local artists, businesses, organizations, and local residents, along with grant awards from the Idaho Commission of the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Community Development Block Grants.

If you are interested in being a part of this program, please email us or call (208) 468-5473.

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