Abatement Program

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The goals of the Abatement Program are to:

  • Reduce the fire danger associated with neglected lots in your neighborhood
  • Enhance the livability of your neighborhood by eliminating blight

Abatement Program

The Abatement Program exists to address an enforcement and safety issue and is not provided as a service. Each year, thousands of property owners and/or tenants are notified to keep their property clean of weeds, rubbish, refuse debris and other nuisances. Property owners and/or tenants need to follow and meet the standards and guidelines by their own effort or by hiring a private contractor. The properties that do not comply with the standards will be subject to City enforcement and abated by a City approved contractor at the owner's expense.

The request for abatement of a property are not a one-time observance. A property owner and/or tenant will likely need to have their property addressed more than once during the year in order to meet the city code standards. Although required throughout the year, it is extremely critical that properties be maintained during the high fire months, which usually begin in April and go through October.

Abatement Lien Payoff Information

If you are a title company or the property owner, you may request abatement lien payoff information by filling out the Request Form. We will respond to such requests within 48 hours.