Tenant Amenities

Airport Tenant Amenities


There are four dumpsters on the field available for tenant use. The dumpsters are for garbage generated here at the airport. They are located on the east and west sides of the airport.
  • West side: One dumpster is located at the east end of hangar 0420 (T-Craft). The other is located just south of the CAP / EAA building.
  • East side: On the east side, they are located at the AvCenter maintenance hangar and at the Mission Aviation Fellowship hangar.

Oil Disposal

The oil disposal center is located on the west side of the Airport underneath shade hangar 1010. When using the oil disposal center please clean up after your self. Do not leave any trash at the oil disposal center. Please contact Airport Administration, at (208) 468-5823, if the disposal center needs to be emptied.


  • The RED gate (A-20-EG): Is located on Airport Road to the west of the Warhawk Air Museum.
  • The GREEN gate (B-13-EG): Is located in the parking lot along Municipal Drive.
  • The MAF gate (C-01-EG): Is located at the end of Cessna Way. This is located south of Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • The SOUTH WEST gate (E-14-EG): Is located on Port Street.