Waterworks Division

Irrigation Turn off
News (September 19, 2018)

The City of Nampa will shut down irrigation systems Friday, Oct. 5 to coincide with Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District's Oct. 4 shut-off.

Nampa & Meridian is one of three providers for most of Nampa's irrigation water. The Boise-Kuna Irrigation District ends its season Oct. 9th and Pioneer Irrigation will wrap up Oct. 12th.

The Nampa Waterworks Division reminds individuals and companies blowing out sprinkler lines that the city valve should not be turned off. The keyed turnoff is for city emergency use only.


The Waterworks Division provides Nampa residents with over 7.8 million gallons of safe drinking water each day. The Waterworks employees assure this supply by maintaining and repairing over 500 miles of water lines, 18,000 water valves and 4,215 Fire Hydrants. Staff also attends to 31,000 domestic water services and meters.

The Waterworks Division also provides Nampa residents with over 52 million gallons of irrigation water each day. The Waterworks employees assure this supply by maintaining and repairing over 450 miles of irrigation lines and 15,000 irrigation valves. Staff also attends to over 27,000 irrigation services.


Provide a safe, clean supply of potable water and an abundant supply of irrigation water by the most efficient means possible, while delivering exceptional customer service.


Provide both domestic and irrigation water in such abundance that will secure the City of Nampa’s prosperity for decades to come. To accomplish this we will install the best infrastructure available to us, remove and upgrade those items that don’t meet our high standards of excellence, continue to improve our processes and treat our customers with the highest level of service possible.


 Irrigation districts announce water release dates; city irrigation water won’t be ready until mid-April 
The city of Nampa will begin its irrigation season by filling the pressurized system in April. Full pressure is not to be expected until mid-April.  
Nampa Meridian Irrigation District, Boise-Kuna District and Pioneer Irrigation District plan to release water into the canal systems in April, however, it could take up to two weeks before the water is available for pump operations. 
City of Nampa irrigation customers should have irrigation water at full pressure by mid-April after crews have tested lines, flushed the system and brought ditch pumps on line.  As crews find problems with water lines they shut them down for repairs, this can result in customers having water one day and not the next, so patience is requested.  
If you notice a leak please call 468-5860. This is a 24-hour a day phone number.  Due to the volume of calls, if you get our voice mail please leave a message. We will call you back as soon as possible. 

All Nampa residents are asked to check the programming of their sprinkler control box to assure they are not unknowingly over-watering.  Those who need help setting a sprinkler control box should contact a lawn care professional. Residents are also strongly encouraged to install their own shut off valve to control sprinkler lines and not to operate the city valve as this is for emergency use only.