Public Works

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The Public Works Department provides services and programs that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives and works in Nampa.

Public works is committed to providing excellent customer service and meeting health and safety standards for the community. We provide the community infrastructure for transportation, drinking water and wastewater.

Divisions within the Public Works Department coordinate major construction and maintenance projects. The City is divided in seven zones with a set schedule delineating what work will be done in a particular zone each year. The Asset Management Program Schedule provides more detail on how Public Works activities are coordinated.


Provide leadership in the sustainable development of public works infrastructure for Nampa’s future.


A department in concert providing quality professional service, efficient transportation and cost effective utilities in harmony with stakeholders for the betterment of the City of Nampa and its citizens.



In pursuit of this mission and vision, the Public Works Department is organized into several divisions:

  • Airport Division | The Nampa Municipal Airport has the most fixed-based aircraft in the state.
  • Engineering Division | The Engineering Division is involved in the evaluation, designs, and construction of the City’s infrastructure.
  • Fleet Services Division | The Fleet Services Division keeps all City vehicles and motorized equipment running smoothly.
  • Environmental Compliance Division | The Environmental Compliance Division helps to reduce pollution and keeps the drainage system working properly.
  • Street Division | The Street Division is responsible for the maintenance of 369 miles of City streets, 57 traffic signals, 9,758 traffic signs, and 4,300 street lights.
  • Wastewater Division | The Wastewater Division maintains 354 miles of sewer lines and operates the second largest treatment facility in the state.
  • Waterworks Division | The Waterworks Division operates the largest municipal water and irrigation systems in the state.


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