Residential Requirements

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Permitted, Conditional and Prohibited Land Uses

To determine in which residential district/zone a specific land use is permitted, conditionally allowed or prohibited, view the Schedule of District/Zone Land Use Controls

Residential Dwelling Unit Density Info Chart

The Residential Dwelling Unit Density Information Chart can be used to determine the allowable gross dwelling units/acre by residential zoning district for single family homes, duplexes, 3+ unit structures and/or 3+ units on a property, and to interpret which Comprehensive Plan residential land use setting best fits each residential zone. You may view or download the chart by clicking here.

Residential Zoning Designations

To view or download a specific residential zoning district chapter click the link below:

Zoning Ordinance Chapters

In-Home Businesses & In-Home Daycare Businesses

The City of Nampa requires an In-Home Business or Daycare to submit registration information to the Planning and Zoning Department. There is a one-time $90 registration fee required.

A home occupation (or home based business) is defined as an accessory use of a residence for gainful employment of a person residing on that property.

Daycare home occupations are restricted to a minimum of 6 children. If the daycare provider/resident wishes to provide care for 7-12 children, a conditional use permit shall be required. A Fire Inspection from the Nampa Fire Department is also required to complete this registration.

Kennel Licenses (Non-Commercial)

A kennel License is required for any property owner that keeps more than two (2) dogs over the age of 6 months. The property owner must first obtain a Conditional Use Permit. Upon approval of the CUP, the owner must maintain an annual kennel license.


An $8 fence permit is required to install, relocate, or make major repairs to a residential fence. It is important to contact the Planning and Zoning office, at 468-4430, to verify the correct location for fence placement. When submitting for a fence permit, please use the site plan that is most like the property making the request, or draw one that is accurate. Please provide style of fencing proposed and measurements of setbacks on the site plan.