Business Requirements

Permitted, Conditional and Prohibited Land Uses
To determine in which business district/zone a specific land use is permitted, conditionally allowed or prohibited, view the Schedule of District/Zone Land Use Controls.

Certificate of Compliance

New businesses and relocating businesses are required to first submit a Certificate of Compliance application to the City of Nampa Building Department. The Certificate of Compliance is reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Department for land use and zoning compliance, the Department of Building Safety for compliance with current building codes and the Nampa Fire Department to log emergency contact information.

Conceptual Plan Review Meeting

If you are looking at properties in Nampa and are concerned about the property's compliance status; a conceptual plan review meeting may be a good tool for you. A conceptual plan review meeting is a meeting with all departments that may or may not have input on your project. It is a free meeting that is held on Thursday mornings. Please download the
Conceptual Plan Review form and return it to the Department of Building Safety to be scheduled for the next conceptual plan review meeting. (Appointments in advance are required).

Business Zoning Designations
To view or download a specific business zoning district chapter click the link below.

In-Home Businesses & In-Home Daycare Businesses

See the Residential Requirements page for information regarding in-home businesses.