Planning Applications, permits & Fees

Planning & Zoning Department accepts applications online via the CSS Portal.  If you need assistance, please feel free to contact our office at (208) 468-4430 or email [email protected].

For all registration and plan application needs, please visit Citizen Self Service (CSS) and complete the following steps:

1) Log on or register for a user account.

2) Apply for your plan type. Please review the different plan types to ensure correct plan application. If a wrong plan type is selected, the application will be voided. Please consult a member of the Planning and Zoning Department if you are unsure what plan or permit you should be applying for.


• How to Register on CSS

• How to Apply for a Plan

• Account Validation Issues

• Annexation Process

• Public Hearing Process

NEW POLICY REGARDING PLANNING & ZONING APPLICATION SUBMITTALS: Due to an increase in application submittals, the Planning & Zoning Department has implemented a new policy regarding incomplete applications. Please read the Policy Bulletin here prior to submitting an application. All plans require payment in full prior to scheduling a public hearing or issuance of a permit and are considered incomplete.